6Time Sheet Application
Purpose:To provide a way to track and report on time useage.
Description:A system to record hours spent on a project and optionily which items it is made of.

6.1Access Control
Purpose:Describe Access Control
Description:Users own their own time sheets to track hours spent on a document.

6.2Add time
Purpose:To Add, Edit and update Time data
Description:The Add time page is to provide a easy way to add time. It remembers the current state of the time sheet.
Showing stop button when someone is ready to stop and start to start. Update when a record is being modified.
Features:1. For submit button show
a. start when no previous started
b. stop when no stoped record
c. update when stop > start
2. when no id is specified,
a) edit the last open record where stop equals start. This means the record has not been stopped as of yet.
b) otherwise, start a new time record

Purpose:To provide an easy interface to display hour totals on a daily and monthly bases.
Description:Calendar with the current months days with total hours for each day display. Along with total for month at the bottom.

Option to chose next and previous month.

6.4Generic Project
Purpose:Provide a generic project interface
Description:Each time sheet entry requires a project to be assocated with. This generalizes the retrieval and display of this function to allow easy replacement in the future.

6.5Listing Times
Purpose:Lists past time entries

6.6Report - Daily Hours
Purpose:Display total time for a specificed day.

6.7Report - Monthly Hours
Purpose:Display total time for a specificed month.

6.8Report - Weekly Hours
Purpose:Display total time for a specificed week.

6.9Time Report
Purpose:Create Display for a specificed time length.
Description:Provide a central location for caculating hours based on company billing policy or sraight time.

6.10View Timesheet
Purpose:View the time sheet and provide easy access to adding times.
Description:View the time sheet and provide easy access to adding times.
Features:1. uses blocks
a) List timessheet
b) edit timessheet
2. depends on Framework / Controller