3Payment Manager
Purpose:Record payments made by customers on invoices

3.1Payment Add
Purpose:Add payments by customers
Description:Add payments by customers, link to from customers page. Optionally the specific project can be paid against.
Features:1. Show current customer balance
2. Show customer currency

3.2Payments List
Purpose:List payments made by a specific customer or list all payments
Description:Link to from customers list, to list customer payments. Shows total amount by primary.
1. how to handle multiable currencies,
how much handling of multiable currencies should be done ?
a) track usd bank account balance and convert random sums
b) convert on payment
c) do not track conversions
2. how to handle total income
a) report currencies seperate totals
b) report in primary currency only, for 1.a convert based on current conversion
1.b sum converted amount